Thursday, May 26, 2016

Happy 65th Anniversary, Con & Dom!

My husband's grandparents, Constance D. Charuhas and Dominic Phillips Sr. would be celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary here on this Earth today, so I thought it would be fitting to share a little of their love with you all. 

 Dominic Phillips
Constance Charuhas
united in

May 26, 1951
The Wedding Party on the steps of Ascension Catholic Church, Oak Park, Il

Parents of the bride, Harry and Antoinette (Schavonne) Charuhas
Connie and Dom with his parents, Josephine (Limardi) and Frank Phillips

Bride, Connie Charuhas, Christ. McClane, and Grandma Jenny (Iuzzolino) Schavonne holding baby Nancy Schavonne. In front are Jeannine Schavonne and Phyllis

 Nick Schavonne                                             Frank Phillips Jr.                       Alice & Tony Schavonne


Below is a copy from their wedding album giving the names of their wedding party

 Connie and Dom got hitched in 1951, 1 year into the Korean War. So the Honeymoon Period of their marriage was exchanged in pictures and letters as Dom joined up. 

Connie later gave birth to their firstborn while Dom was serving in the Korean War.

They bought a house in River Forest, Illinois....
 The old house on Forest Ave. held several generations together all at once. Dominic always made sure everyone was always taken care of. Little ones grew into teenagers and adults, beside their grandparents and great grandparents who had aged beyond the ability to be on their own. This was simply what family did for each other. 

And through the years....
                                     Love continued to grow.....

Dominic and Connie Phillips aren't here anymore to celebrate the love they have for each other on this, their 65th wedding anniversary; But their descendants are. Their love lives on in their 4 children, their 8 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren.

And We're all here to wish them a very Happy 65th Anniversary and rejoice that they get to spend it together.
 With each other. 

*Illinois Marriage Index of Cook County gives their wedding date as May 24th
*The page from their wedding album dates their wedding as May 26th


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