Welcome to my geneablog!

         I'm sort of a hobby junkie. I'll give anything a shot. Sometimes interest sticks, sometimes it doesn't. It kind of stuck when it came to genealogy. I'm fascinated with those in our pasts, and the lives they lived. Every step they took was a step that eventually got us here and I enjoy following the trail. I enjoy finding out what my family was made of. (or what they weren't). :)

     My goal is to not only find my ancestors through out generations, but to also document as many memories, photos, facts and first hand accounts of these family members as possible. I have had many many long conversations with my grandma about my German and Swedish families, and have tried to put down as much as I can remember. At the time of our discussions, I was asking because I was truly interested in these details of who they were and the stories she had. I never thought at the time to write them down. But those conversations sort of lit a fire in my behind and got me wanting to know more, and turned into this consuming interest I now have in family history and genealogy. Not just my own, but my husband's also. I want my children to know where they come from, and who came before them.

I hope to honor our families with this blog, and also have some lighthearted fun with it. I hope more than anything else that other family members get involved, and share their memories or photos, and this little spot on the internet becomes a place to gather from all over and share bits and pieces of those we all came from.

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