Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mueller Madness!

     As an ongoing project, I am researching my step father's family in hopes of gaining more "in person" experience in research. I have no family native to Wisconsin beyond my own generation, as opposed to my step father, whose family has been here in the state since the 1800's. What a great opportunity to FINALLY get to stretch my legs and do some local digging!

     I hope to compile photos of the Mueller family for Grandpa Mueller, so if you've arrived at this page part of the Mueller family looking to unload some of those old family photos, email them to me HERE
    Along with the photos, please include as much information as you can about those photographed, and whether or not you'd like them shared here on the blog for other family members, or would rather keep them private. I of course want to respect your privacy!
  Baptismal, church,vital, immigration records, and others are also welcome!! The goal is to get what the family has in one place, so everyone can access it, whether it be here online or by mailing some disks out.
    If you're here after the Mueller bash that's planned for August, and did not get any family info or photos in before then, please don't hesitate to send them as this is an ongoing project.

I hope to learn a lot about those Muellers. A wild bunch, I bet! ;)

Thanks for all your help!