Thursday, April 7, 2016

#TBT: Everyday Life

Throwing it back this Thursday to some of my favorite photos of family just doing their thing.... a fleeting glimpse into everyday life. 

My Grandma, Ora Jean Wille, Joking with her friends now that she's newly pregnant. They're estimating what she'll look like in a few months!

   Great Grandma, Esther E. Stenman at her home. Doing her thing. And never without a plant nearby. Even indoors....

My Nans. Ora Jean Wille again, outside gardening in the 1950's with  my Auntie helping.

Great grandpa Johnston making me a sandwich in his trailer.

Grandma Connie Charuhas and her mom. Are they being true to their Greek roots and spinning gyro meat on those coals?

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  1. I like looking at photos from the 60s, the different hairstyles and clothes are fascinating. The meat looks yummy!