Friday, March 11, 2016

William Henry Burmester's Obituary

I found this today while going through the will and probate records of my 2nd great grandfather, William Henry Burmester,  and the title of his obituary just about took my breath away! Boy, thinking about what a reward that must have been with the Blessed Assurance he most certainly carried with him!

  "William H. Burmester Summoned to Reward"

Hallelujah, Right!?

 "He was genial and courtly in manner, and his word was as good as his bond."

It was a wonderfully written and refreshing obituary to read. Pondering all the things I had read, I realized in that moment so much about my legendary Great Grandmother, Ida Burmester Wille suddenly made so, SO much more sense! 

 William's daughter, Ida Burmester (b. 6.23.1893) was by all accounts a kind, humble, generous, faithful, loving and hard working woman. She passed when I was small, but what I hear most often when we speak of her is "I wish you could have known her like we knew her. She was such a wonderful woman."
After reading William's obituary, it seems the apple did not fall far from the tree with my great grandma, and many of the attributes her own family knew her for could also be found in her father. 
 Now, not to leave her dear mother, Alvina, good woman, of course. But a good GERMAN woman, if you catch my drift. : )  From accounts, and candid photos, she seemed "All work and no play". Like I said... German. Whatever her personality,based on William's description in his obit, I do know it wasn't the likeness shared between William and his daughter, Ida. 
The Burmester Women (My g-grandmother Ida, Aunt Emma, gg-granmother Alvina, and Aunt Mart)

Ida enjoying her great grandchildren

   I can't mention Ida's similarities to her father without mentioning Ida's sister (another daughter of William's) Emma Burmester (b.4.28.1886) who carried on this loving kindness and generosity along the family line. Though Emma never married, she too, cared for all those around her. She took loving care of her mother, Alvina, until her death, and when the depression hit hard, Emma would share her paycheck with her sister Ida, and her family of  10, to help make sure they could make ends meet.

Aunt Emma Burmester, Daughter of William H. Burmester
  It would seem to me that William had set a fine example to those around him. A good and Godly man who lived a life that was loved, and honored. A life that left a great legacy for his children ( All 13 or so!) to draw from.
 Definitely a few more people in my tree I wish 
I could have known personally. <3

 I look forward to going through the rest of the records to see what I find!

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  1. Hi Dani, I got your blogspot info from a Wille relative connection via I do not know if you are still active with this site but would love to touch base. I also have photos of Ida and Henry Wille.