Thursday, March 10, 2016

Where We Come From: Intro

 Where We Come From

    I want to do a little series of posts here about the origins of our immigrants. Both my husband's and mine. I want us to have a little more knowledge of the land from where we came; The land our grandparents' considered their "native" home. I think this is an important aspect of finding your roots, and one I would like to explore.

     See, the thing about America is that, unless you are Native, You could have come from ANYWHERE in the world. Absolutely anywhere, and relatively recently in history. This is an attribute I find to be very unique and special to the roots of our nation. And even more impressive to me, is that we, cultures from all over the world, HAD to find a way to live together despite our differences. To maintain who they were and become American all at the same time. This sort of journey has about as many routes as there are as many families. Each one of us has a story of how it happened. How it worked, or how it didn't.
   When combining both My husband's and my own families' journeys, for just two people, we have pretty far reaching roots. (as you can see from the graphic I made above, there are a lot of flags represented there.)  I wanted to take a look at the places we came from. So through a couple installments, I hope to give myself, my family and especially my children a better idea of what life was like before their grandparents braved the Atlantic (or the Rio Grande!) to start a new life in an unfamiliar land. And perhaps you, dear reader, who may have stumbled upon these posts and have similar backgrounds, will walk away with a little more knowledge of your ancestor's Native Home, that they no doubt carried with them the rest of their lives.

    I'll be looking back through Northern Sweden, Several areas of Germany, a couple areas of Italy, Greece, a few areas of Norway, possibly Finland, and of course Mexico. Maybe if I am ambitious I can get back to Spain but really, we all know why Spaniards left Spain for Mexico, right? No sense beating a dead horse on that one... And the Irish... I don't know too many specifics on what little, highly diluted Irish we do have so maybe that's something I can develop later on

So I hope you'll keep up with me on these journeys ahead and check back periodically as I compile research and find a way to weave it all together. I look forward to digging into this, and I hope you do too!


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