Saturday, August 1, 2015

Ricigliano Families in Chicago

I am in the process of putting my husband's family history together. Upon going through his grandmother's belongings after she passed, my Mother in Law ended up with boxes FULL of photos. BOXES. I have scanned many with my phone but haven't made a huge dent. I will continue with those and begin to upload them as I can.

  My hopes in posting this is to find other Rigis to link up with, hopefully obtaining help in locating old documents that aren't available online or by email or mail, and identifying some of these photos, (as not all of them are labeled) as well as exchanging them with other members of our tree, should we stumble across one another.

   So far (and I expect this list to grow and will update accordingly) the surnames we have in our tree coming out of Ricigliano are:
   Iuzzolino, Pacelli, DeLeonardis, Malpeda and Coponigro (Coponigri)

Below, I have included a list of our Rigis and their information. If any of them are familiar, drop me a line! I'd love to hear from you and hopefully learn more about our Ricigliano families.

Onofrio Iuzzolino - m.
Christina Coponigro
Pietro Iuzzolino b. 2/22/1852- d. 10/21/1939
Vita Antonia Pacelli b. 7/6/1854 (sometimes birth year is listed as 1851) d. 7/2/1927 in Oak Park, IL
Pietroangelo Pacelli m.
Vincenza Malpeda
Vincenza DeLeonardis b. abt 1882

Photos to follow shortly.


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