Sunday, March 18, 2012

Stalking the Dead for my Birthday

I'm trying out the blogger app, which I suppose is for blogging on the go... But I'm trying it out just sitting here in bed for the night..... Oh well. :)

For my 29th birthday, my mother offered to take the kiddos and send Adam and I off to a historic Bed and Breakfast for a night. Bless her heart, I don't know if she knows what she's getting into with 3 kids 5 and under to take care of.... But I am looking forward to a bit of time away.

My husband had been googling things to do in the area. I googled how close this town is to my step dads family to see if I could do some searching around. But no luck. Still an hour or so away. Shucks.

So I went on my Billion Graves app to look up cemeteries that will be in the area so I could index them. And I found a couple of my favorite kind (besides the old middle of no where ghost town gated mountain ones we saw in Colorado... Those are awesome.) The small old rural ones surrounded by farms or mixed up with the forest. If you can accept the fact that I have a favorite kind of cemetery, you'll see I'm kind of excited.

I mapped them out. I've scoped out the sizes. Tried to find some history on them.

And my husband is still asking me what I want to do up there.

I haven't dropped the bomb, yet. I plan on springing my idea up on him on the way there... And he can't refuse, right? I mean, it's my birthday.

No, I don't want a Thai massage. Or Dinner and a movie. Or a fancy restaurant. Or boutique shopping.
Nope. I want to index some unknown graveyards far from home. I want to stalk dead people on my birthday.

And I can see the look on his face now. I can hear him say "Seriously??" and sure, I'll be a little embarrassed at the level of lameness a birthday request like that may rise to... But this Lame-o wants to take some pictures of tombstones for strangers for her birthday. So be it. :)

I do have to mention, He left the computer up and I saw that he had googled historic sites in the area we'll be in. He does know me so well.... Maybe he wont be that surprised after all when I confess my true plans. :)

So we shall see wont we? I look forward to trying out this blogger app on the go up there too.

So thanks Ma for watching the kids and finding the B&B, and thanks Greg for watching the dog! You are both brave brave souls. :D


  1. First I have to say I find your humor in naming your Blog Hilarious. I Just Love It!!!
    I STALK DEAD PEOPLE. It's so true, thats what genealogist do. Over at I have my user name as SHAKINDATREE. that has all to do with all those stubborn ancestors I can't find anything on. So If I shake the tree long and hard enough they are bound to fall out. Right? I beleive I will get them.

    Great fun !!!
    DuSyl of