Monday, February 20, 2012

Jr. Smith's Ambitions for Sheriff

There's a website I've come across a few times in the last few years that looked pretty darn useful. But you had to pay. So I looked elsewhere. Well, I bit the bullet. For a whole $5.83 a month. I'm in my 30 day free trial right now, and as far as I'm concerned, with the information I've found already, it's more than paid for its worth.
   What site is this? Genealogy Bank. It's awesome.

  I spent some time searching the Smith family of Schoolcraft county in this database. I found 37 news pieces mentioning them in the Evening News, which was Manistique's newspaper. It was a small town, so this included things like " AJ Smith and John Winters from Hiawatha were in town Monday."  - Riveting, I know. :) But still cool, none the less, in my view.

  There were some articles that shed some light on not so known facts. For instance...

                Here's his official political announcement....


                       It seems AJ dabbled in quite a few things looking to find his niche. He farmed, ran a lumber company, logging camp, bootlegged, and ran a "pool hall" type joint, which fronted for his bootlegging. And now, as I found out, had ambitions for County Sheriff.

                        Maybe his defeat in the County Sheriff's election had something to do with his bootlegging.... 1+1=2, right? 
                         Oh AJ, you rascal, you.......


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